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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Mission

BrokenAintDark is committed to uplifting people during difficult times/ struggling with mental health to gain control of their life by promoting penniless self-therapeutic outlets. We focus on aligning our mind, body, and soul through self-love, acceptance, growth mindset, wellness, and healing. It's important we close the gap of financial burdens and connect individuals to creative solutions that enable good habits. Reaching out can be scary, but this outlet can be the first step in the right direction to growing and flourishing. 

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Our Values

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Spreading our shared mindset with you.

Create a positive outlet that inspires people to believe, act, and commit.

Opening a safe space to communicate about mental health struggles.




You are worthy.

You are valued.

You are respected.

You are loved.

You have a story with a message.

You're not just another human or number in this bruised world.


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Acceptance is embracing your trauma without defense.
Self Love is loving yourself when you don't want to.
Wellness is caring for yourself inside and out.
Healing is allowing yourself to grow.

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